Our Story

For years, we had careers designing in the corporate world. On the side, for fun, we would help family and friends decorate their homes and apartments. The size of the projects started expanding from a quick living room refresh to a down-to-the-studs renovation. It wasn't until one of our mutual friends pointed out we could be doing professionally what we had been doing for fun. With that, we conceived of PowerSmith Design...

My background is in Marketing as a creative director. From there, I fell in love with product ideation and development. While the work was rewarding the corporate world kept me from exploring my passion for design. My skills for managing lend themselves appropriately to the menagerie of detailed work as we explore creating one-of-a-kind spaces.

Tana Powers

I’ve a diversified background in the creative arts. Earning a degree in Radio, Television & Film and perusing education in fashion has refined my design characteristics. I feel fortunate to harness those skills and experiences bringing them to interior design. Space, color, texture, patterns, movement and mood have always been components of the world that have drawn me in. I love to create a flow to designs allowing for graceful movement. To create calming and connected spaces while bringing people together is my ambition. 

Adam Smith